Your Guide to the Top Events in Scandinavia


Get ready for Denmark's biggest events this year! For the list of what not to miss in 2017, go to Visit Denmark.


Thousands of events and festivals of every size and description are held in Finland throughout the year, although the main festival season is the summer. Finland Festivals is a series of events, covering jazz, rock, classical, dance, visual arts, opera and every other conceivable form of cultural expression. For more on what happens in 2017, go to Visit Finland. 


Oslo is one of the large, Scandinavian cultural hubs, with countless festivals, concerts and museums. But even the most remote village should have a football team and a cultural centre for you to get a taste of the local identity. See what’s happening where you are going. For more on what's happening in 2017, go to Visit Norway. 


During the course of a year, Sweden has all sorts of events and happenings. To find out what, when and where these events take place, please select the month of your interest. We recommend the readers do, well in advance, carefully check all facts with each event. For more on what's happening in 2017, go to Visit Sweden. 

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