New Hotel Developments and Renovations


Looking for a quaint country hotel or a boutique hotel in buzzing Copenhagen? A seaside spa or an elegant hotel rich in classic Danish design? Denmark's hotels come in all shapes and sizes! Go to Visit Denmark for more on accomodations.



Have you ever wondered what it would feel like wrapping up in a warm sleeping back, sipping on a hot drink and dozing off to sweet dreams in a bedroom made of snow? Nice and cosy, funny and exciting, or just plain incredible? In summer three essential features of any Finnish holiday cottage are a sauna, a rowboat and a lake. Go to Visit Finland for more on accomodations.



Norwegian culture is a force of nature, which is a gift to food lovers and travellers alike. The wild and varied landscapes also serve as an inspiration for a new and notable wave of architects and designers. Go to Visit Norway for more on accomodations.



In Sweden accommodation comes in all shapes and sizes. Chill on a bed of ice or get a birds-eye view of life from a bed in a tree-house. Ever wondered what it's like to sleep behind bars? Do some of your vacation time in an authentic 19th century prison. Live like a king in an elegant countryside manor or in a monastery from 1420. Go to Visit Sweden for more on accomodations.

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