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5 FAQ about the Scandinavian Countries

Do I need a visa to visit the Scandinavian countries?

Traveling with a valid U.S or Canadian passport entitles you to a three-month stay in the Scandinavian countries, a visa is not needed.


Do I need an International Driver's Licence for driving in Scandinavia?

No, your American or Canadian Driver's Licence is valid for driving for up to three months.


How can I convert the local currency into dollars? is the website for universal currency converter.


Where can I see what sightseeing tours are offered in the capitals?

> For Copenhagen the website is

> For Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenberg the website is

> For Helsinki the webisite is

> For Oslo the website is


How do I find a hotel?

> Denmark: www.visitdenmark/accommodation

> Finland: www.visitfinland/accommodation

> Norway: www.visitnorway/accommodation

> Sweden: www.visitsweden/accommodation

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