5 FAQ about the Scandinavian Countries

Do I need a visa to visit the Scandinavian countries?

Traveling with a valid U.S or Canadian passport entitles you to a three-month stay in the Scandinavian countries, a visa is not needed.


Do I need an International Driver's Licence for driving in Scandinavia?

No, your American or Canadian Driver's Licence is valid for driving for up to three months.


How can I convert the local currency into dollars?

www.xe.com is the website for universal currency converter.


Where can I see what sightseeing tours are offered in the capitals?

For Copenhagen the website is www.sightseeing.dk

For Stockholm, Malmo and Gothenberg the website is www.stromma.se

For Helsinki the webisite is www.sightseeinghelsinki.fi

For Oslo the website is www.citysightseeing.no/oslo


How do I find a hotel?

Denmark: www.visitdenmark/accommodation

Finland: www.visitfinland/accommodation

Norway: www.visitnorway/accommodation

Sweden: www.visitsweden/accommodation

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